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01 21.05.2008, 15:03 - 7 years of The Abyss
We represent to your attention more than 200 photos from celebrating of the 7th anniversary of The Abyss game portal.

You can familiarise with it here.

All photos in archive can be downloaded here (36.3 Mb).
Author: Masamune
02 28.01.2008, 21:06 - Server for a forum
Last month the problem with unavailability of our sites and forum because of an overload from a considerable quantity of visitors was strongly appreciable. We made a decision to get a separate server for our conference to eliminate the given problems. Now forum had a server with the following configuration:

Processor: 2xXeon Quad-Core X5355
Memory:8x2048Mb DDR II FB-DIMM Kingston
HDD: 4x73.5 Gb Fujitsu 15000 rpm
Platform: SUPERMICRO 6015B-3RV

We hope very much, that the given powerful hardware will make your stay on our site more pleasant.
Author: Masamune   |   Comments: 3

A few words about The Abyss game portal. It will not look good if we tell you how wonderful we are and how comfortable you will feel it to play at our server, that is why we are only going to announce some objective facts that you may learn from other players, forums, ratings, but not from the administration.

We have been in this business for over 5 years. We frequently come at the top of ratings, including international ones. We employ many administrators of all kind of games, of all directions, that are supervising the game process, in order to make sure t...
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